Welcome to the Sideratos Forecasting Services (SFS) Company

The SFS company has main concern to provide services to the worldwide energy sector industry, such as

·         wind power  forecasts,

·         solar power forecasts,

·         load demand forecasts

·         and marginal price forecasts

in order to increase the customer revenues in an electricity market and to ensure the stability and the effectiveness of an electric power system.

Our products come from an over-10-years working experience and are based on advanced technology like neural networks, evolutionary optimization algorithms, multivariate statistics etc. Recently, The SFS company has developed a novel adaptive neural network that combines the abilities of the Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural networks and the ARTMAP networks. The SFS company, also, implements advanced techniques increasing the performance and the generalization of the RBF neural networks. The novel adaptive neural network and the RBF neural network are the two main components of our products, representing the short-term and the long-term memory of an artificial brain, respectively.

The SFS company uses Numerical Weather predictions (NWP) provided by two meteorological offices. We perform tools to estimate the weather uncertainty and to handle extreme events like ramps, cut-offs, phase errors etc.

Our services can be provided in any time scale with 96 hours horizon that is suitable for TSOs, individual private producers, energy traders etc.